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Hi, I’m Rochelle  

I’m a wife, mother, and woman with a wild and pure heart. 

Loving humans–especially children and the women who birth them–is my jam.

The Facts: After getting my degree in Child Development and Family Studies, I began learning how diet and lifestyle impact development. I got certified in holistic nutrition and environmental detox…and obsessed with getting healthy and finding the cleanest products for my future babies. That experience led me to start The Non Tox Shop, where I shared tons of research and products that help families live cleaner and greener lives. It’s the incredible community there that inspired me to create my own products, and start Wild and Pure. 

The Heart: I know what it’s like to want the BEST for your family while simultaneously craving the time to find yourself. I was put on this earth to create space for you to be seen, heard, and supported. So I make trustworthy and earth-friendly products that make your life easier (and maybe a little healthier), so you can spend less time worrying, and more time in your wild.