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It’s August 2020 and in the city of Los Angeles, and far beyond, on-campus schooling isn’t happening. Our kids are learning and connecting through apps and zoom, and parents have become teachers aids — if not full-time teachers. Below, I’m sharing one of our favorite ways to lighten the school year (spoiler alert: on-the-go learning), and some of our favorite earth-friendly school supplies.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, this is not homeschooling! It’s crisis schooling and distance learning. It’s new and unknown and…a bit clunky.

That being said, there are glimmers of beauty and freedom that can be squeezed out of this new schooling situation. One of my favorites, and one reason we chose homeschooling before it chose us, is the ability to learn from anywhere. While the ability to travel (or even leave the house) is a bit limited these days, adventurous schooling can be as simple as taking learning to the backyard.

Every school system is set up a bit differently, but many are giving packets of schoolwork to do on zoom off-time. Depending on where you live and the restrictions put into place, these packets can be tackled everywhere from the beach to the mountains, to your own backyard.

Last year, in our first year of homeschooling (kindergarten), I put together a grab-and-go schoolbag that had everything we needed to learn from wherever we found ourselves. It went on a lot of adventures with us! As more families are home and schooling with flexibility, I thought it could be helpful to share the “recipe” for these bags with you 🙂 I hope that they see lots of sun and smiling faces as we navigate this new way of learning.

P.S. this bag is geared more towards young elementary school kids.


MAKE YOUR OWN earth-friendly school supplies kit

(with earth-friendly goods)


Start with an extra Dry Wipes Bag — they are sturdy, washable, and have a drawstring for easy closing and opening.

Add a pencil or two — I suggest one per child or participating adult. It’s nice to be able to work together rather than having to share one 🙂

Throw in a box of crayons

Don’t forget a sharpener — having one on hand has saved us from many-a meltdown from a broken crayon or snapped pencil!

Glue is always good to have — I find glue sticks to be easier to take on-the-go.

Include a die for fun — I’ve found that almost anything can be turned into a game with a die. Roll to see how many pebbles to find, trees to climb, sight words to use in a story, etc.

Sprinkle in a handful of math manipulatives — these can be anything that can be counted: marbles, pebbles, beads, gemstones, small wooden cubes, etc. Like a die, they can be used to turn anything into a game, or for counting collections.

Grab a pair or two of scissors — like pencils, it’s nice to have enough to work together! Glue + scissors can turn anything into art, from leaves and stems to toilet paper tubes.

And that’s it! Everything you need for adventurous distance learning 🙂


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