hospital bag packing list

Pack your bags…it’s baby time!! There is so much to be excited about near the end of pregnancy, and being prepared with a fully stocked bag can be a helpful way to ease into the transition. We’re so excited to share our mindfully curated hospital bag packing list with you!!


Hospital Bag Packing List


Mama Basics


Comfy (Functional) Clothing

Taking that first shower after delivery is refreshing, and it feels so good to put on your own clothes and get out of the hospital gown (although you can buy and bring your own hospital gown from companies like @kindredbravely!)

But if you really want to feel comfy, supported, and maybe even luxurious as a new mama, we suggest @oddbirdcompany loungewear. We also love @wearpact and @storq for organic basics like comfortable nursing bras, tops, and dresses, and postpartum undies and pants to ease you into motherhood comfortably.



The hospital will provide you with grip socks, but we think it’s nice to have cozy pair of your own. Some mamas swear by compression socks to help with the swelling.


Comfy Footwear

Of course, you’ll need shoes to wear from the hospital bed to the wheelchair to the car. We suggest something comfortable and roomy, like Birkenstocks for summer babies or Uggs for winter bbs.


Wild & Pure Dry Wipes

Wild & Pure Dry Wipes really are a mama’s best friend. For wiping your brow after a contraction, using a wet wipe for cooling (or warm) relief, giving yourself a cloth hospital “bath”, changing baby’s first diaper, easing postpartum bleeding, the list goes on and on!



Snacks are always a good idea, especially after you’ve just given birth and are trying to figure out this whole taking-care-of-a-new-human thing; you’re going to be hungry! Some easy on-hand snacks are nuts or nut butter packets with a banana, grass-fed beef jerky for quick protein, and soups or broth in a thermos. 

We also love coconut water for electrolytes and hydration during labor. You can even freeze it into ice cubes to chew during labor if you prefer. 

Bonus: Looking to dive deeper into postpartum nutrition? Our friend @stephgreunke has an awesome Postpartum Reset Program which offers a “nutritional protocol designed to meet the mental and physical needs of postpartum women, designed by a registered dietitian certified in perinatal mental health.” We highly recommend it!


Affirmation Cards

You are as strong as a mother! And having reminders of that in your birthing space can help through the waves of labor. We love the affirmation cards and flag from @spiritysol as a ready-to-go option. You can also ask friends and family to write a few encouraging words on notecards for you to read in the early stages and keep near for energetic support. 



While many stones, like malachite and moonstone, are said to aid specifically with the birthing process, we love the idea of walking into a metaphysics shop and letting something “call to you”. Keeping a crystal in your hand or by your side through labor can be so comforting!


Baby Basics


Baby Clothes

Your little bundle of joy will need an outfit. Bring a few options just in case (sizes, weather, etc.)! We love organic cotton clothing as a first choice since baby’s skin is so very sensitive. Some of our favorite brands are @lovedbaby, @underthenile, and @augustriverco.

A few mom-to-mom tips: Keep in mind their healing umbilical cord when deciding which super cute outfit to dress them in, and tiny hats and socks will help keep baby warm in the chilly hospital room. 


Baby Blankets

If you’re planning on swaddling your baby, bring whatever you plan to swaddle in with you! Our team member, Lucy, says, “I thought I’d swaddle my baby in adorable blankets, but my baby broke free again and again from her professionally nurse-wrapped swaddling blanket at just a few hours old. I ended up trying a few different swaddle wraps and found the most success with the Sleepea® 5-Second Baby Swaddle (made with organic cotton). It kept my little Houdini wrapped up snug and tight and helped this mama get a little bit more much-needed sleep.”


Baby Bath Care Items

If you’d prefer your baby’s first bath to be with your own soaps, be sure to bring them! Otherwise, you can expect the typical Johnson’s baby soap, or something similar. Some of our favorite all-natural soaps for babies are @wildandpureco wipe + Wash Soap Concentrate, @pleninaturals and @earthmamaorganics.

Another option is to wait a bit on the bath (48 hours up to 10 days), keeping baby covered in a protective and healthy layer of vernix!

Recovery Must-Haves


Postpartum Support Tools

These days, there are lots of options when it comes to postpartum care and recovery. If you’re a first-time mom, you may have never heard of a peri bottle, but you’re about to be very familiar with it! You’ve probably seen @fridamom (they have everything!), but for an eco-friendly and non-toxic option, we love @mothermothershop. The products are beautifully designed and multi-use, and they “donate 20% of [their] Postpartum Recovery Bundle sales directly to Black doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, and organizations that are helping end the Black maternal health crisis.”

From our founder, “I found it difficult to sit for a few days post-birth, so I ended up making a donut shape with blankets to help prevent pressure on my healing parts. In hindsight, I wish I would have gotten a donut cushion!” 


Balms and Butters

Sore nipples and hemorrhoids and stitches, oh my! While not everyone experiences these parts of postpartum, being prepared with some soothing balms and sprays can give peace of mind. We can’t recommend @earthmamaorganics postpartum products any more than we do! 


Stool Softener

We won’t lie to you: that first poop post-delivery can be a little scary. Your doctor will likely prescribe a stool softener to you, but it doesn’t hurt to have your own and start taking it ASAP. Aloe Vera juice is touted as a natural laxative if you’re looking for something in that arena.


Natural Pain Relievers

The hospital will have your basic bases covered here. If you’re looking for more natural pain relief, we love @leefyorganics turmeric or arnica for inflammation and swelling and cramp bark for post-birth uterine contractions.


Tea Tree and Lavender Oils

These are little extras to add to your peri bottle mix. Lavender is soothing and tea tree oil helps to keep things clean! Simply drip a few drops of each into some fresh warm water in your peri bottle for an elevated experience. 


Thinking outside the Bag


Nursing Pillow

While it may be a little bulky to pack in a bag, you’ll be happy you brought your nursing pillow. One organic, sustainable option is the Moon Womb by @thesustainablebaby. This product also does double-duty as a maternity pillow and includes a removable lavender and chamomile sachet to help calm you and your baby.


Car Seat

You can’t take your baby home without a car seat! Install it before your due date, when you’re packing your hospital bag ?, so there’s no additional and unnecessary stress when you’re bringing home baby. Check out our favorite seat, the @uppababy Mesa in Henry or Jordan, which are naturally flame-retardant-free!


Community Recommendations

Here are a few other things that our amazing community of Wild & Pure Mamas said that they loved or wished they had:


“A big water bottle!”

“Organic nipple cream” (we love @earthmamaorganics…obv)

“Straws! (Bamboo of course) for when I was thirsty but couldn’t sit up. And all the snacks.”

“I wish we brought a pacifier! Something I didn’t consider and it turned out my firstborn really needed one for soothing ?”

“Twinkle/fairy lights or a salt lamp. So much cozier in a hospital setting if you have better lighting.”


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