To manifest is to make—with the help of the universe—something in mind become a reality.

Growing up Catholic, we called it prayer. I’d say something like, “God, please help me do well on my test.” Then I would sit back and fill myself with the desire to get an A, while at the same time not truly believing I could get an A. I felt entitled, yet unworthy. I lacked gratitude and expected the result with no action on my part.

No wonder my prayers never came to fruition quite like I imagined they should!

Over time, and with the help of many suggestions, I’ve learned how to create an authentic, barrier-free space for manifestation in my life.

Following are the five steps you need to become a manifesting master!


Note: If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my spiritual journey it’s that we are each going to have our own path. What works for me might work for you…or it might not. Below is my experience and hopefully you’ll find some gems for your own practice 🙂 




First things first, the universe is constantly providing for us. We are led to little blessings every day.

Step one to manifesting is to count your blessings.

Make a point to be grateful for every win, no matter how seemingly small.

Found a quarter on the floor, “THANK YOU!” Took a different route and discovered your new favorite juice shop, “THANK YOU!” Got front row parking, “THANK YOU!”

Being grateful for all the small things moves us from a mindset of lack to a mindset of winning. Eventually, you’ll even begin seeing the gifts in the seemingly unpleasant life situations you deal with.




There are a ton of different opinions and options here.

Some believe that you should ask as if you’ve already got it. As an example, “I am so grateful for my new 2021 MacBook pro”. This goes hand in hand with the “fake it till you make it” approach, which would suggest going to open houses beyond your current means or planning vacations that you don’t know how you’ll afford to book, with the belief that it’s the universe’s job to figure out how. The term “fake it” can be off-putting here — but it’s the idea of genuinely stepping into something before you know how you’ll get there.

You can also use visualization, seeing yourself in the home, job, car, or peaceful parenting place that you are going to be in. The mind cannot tell the past from the future from the present, so this tells your mind that you are where you are imagining.

Try it! Imagine licking a lemon…is your mouth watering? Yup. That’s because your mind doesn’t know that it’s not licking a lemon. Visualizations can be very powerful!

Others use physical tools like vision boards, or items like an extra key on their keychain, representing the key to their new home, or an outfit meant for their future baby.

And, of course, there are mantras of abundance, peace, love. etc.

As with anything else, you have to find what works for you. For me, everything down to the wording matters. I have to feel fully aligned and bought in, and different manifestations may lead me to use different “tools”.




Step three: you’ve got to let go of destructive programming.

Destructive programs are the beliefs that we’ve come to know as truth but are not the Truth. They are just ugly rumors about wealth, success, happiness and everything in between: money is bad, success is hard, and I am not worthy. ALL LIES!

The only Truth is that you are an infinite being of love and light, filled with endless capabilities in a world of possibility.

The good news is that deleting old programming is SUPER easy. As inspired by Christie Marie Sheldon’s  Unlimited Abundance program,  you simply need to state that anything in the way of the manifestation statement is deleted over all time and dimensions.

Yes. It really is that easy.

Example: “I am so grateful for the $15,000 of unexpected income by August 15th. I delete anything in the way of that across all time and dimensions.”




At the beginning of this post, I outlined a very typical “prayer”. It involved desiring something, but not believing I could actually have it.

Not only does this send mixed messages, but it negatively plays into the law of attraction—sending the message that you should not, in fact, receive the thing you are asking for.

In Dr. Jennice Vilhauers TEDx talk, Why you don’t get what you want: it’s not what you expect, she states that “The larger the gap between what you expect and what you want, the more distress you feel.”

That “space” is usually filled with all of the reasons why your wishes will never manifest, like disbelief and unworthiness.

You must know that you are an infinite being. You must believe in the endless possibilities. You must be open to taking action on the messages you receive. And in the words of Joel Osteen, you must “expect God’s favor”.




The final step to successful manifesting is to learn to be open to the intelligence of your higher self. Not everything you wish for may manifest in the way you expected. The universe usually delivers something better.

As an example, a friend of mine is working on a project which requires quite a bit of funding. She’s hiring a company to help her with product development. She asked the universe what it would take to receive the resources for this project and then waited on messages as to how to raise the funds, with faith.

She was later sent a message to visit the website of the company that she’s working with, where she was led to a “promos” page. There was a special promotion of 20% off all services. At the price point of the project, this discount amounted to huge financial savings. The universe heard her desire to raise funds and one-upped her by lowering the total amount owed. THANK YOU!


MY manifest ROUTINE


I’ve always had a hard time acting as if I already have something. “Fake it ‘till you make it” never sat well within me. I was never able to say it convincingly enough to believe it.

It wasn’t until I heard intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon suggest beginning verbal manifestations with the phrase “what would it take” that I began investing my whole self into my statements.

What this does is open me up, not only to the gifts of the universe, but also the messages sent to help me receive the gifts.

So, rather than expecting to get an A on my test without lifting a finger, I would be open to the message that the universe sent about the tutor that would make learning easy and fun, allowing me to enjoy getting that A. Better, huh?

The phrase, “what would it take?” has been H U G E for me.

Here’s an example of how a manifestation of mine may go, “What would it take to effortlessly and joyously find a loving, trustworthy, and affordable sitter for my kids, for my brother’s wedding in September? I delete anything and everything in the way of this across all time and dimensions”

I like to be very clear at least once, then make a little mental note that whenever I ask to find a sitter, for example, I’m intending that it be asked with all of the above.

We also have a family “vision board” up on the wall in our living room, but I changed it to a “vibration board” via the suggestion of author Rebecca Campbell, who believes that adding some of your current life into the board helps it become a reality currently, rather than a far-out goal.

So, for example, we have a picture of our (soon to be) home, with a key to the front door, pictures of our desired cars, phrases that remind us to stay present and create our own reality, things that represent work and work goals, all alongside pictures of our family.

We’ve been using this wording and routine for about 6 months now and the gifts just keep coming!!


RECAP: Manifest the best


Steps to manifest a life you love:

  1. Count your blessings
  2. Ask authentically
  3. Delete old programming/Reprogram with Truth
  4. Expect favor
  5. Be open to something better

Tools to manifest:

  1. Fake it ‘till you make it
  2. Visualization
  3. Vision/vibration boards
  4. Physical objects (like keys to future homes)
  5. Mantras and affirmations


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