mason jar salad

One of our favorite things to repurpose is a good old glass jar. Not only are they cute and sustainable, but incredibly versatile as well! Let’s dive into our top 10 uses — from mason jar salad to baby bottles — here we go!

1. Mason Jar Salad

Raise your hand if you live life on the go 🙋🏼‍♀️ As a busy mompreneur, I feel like I’m always on the run. Building a mason jar salad is a great way for me to make sure I get an easy and delicious meal wherever we end up. This article is one of my favorites for mason jar salad layering tips, how to prepare them for eating, and some super delish recipes. Keeping a collapsable bowl and set of reusable utensils in my car is my favorite way to make this work! Pro tip: don’t stop at salads — upcycled glass jars are great for all sorts of food storage. 

2. Fairy Garden

This is a great project to do with the kids! Grab some soil, pebbles, small succulents, and fairy, animal, and mushroom figurines. You can place them into a jar in whichever configuration makes you smile. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for these!

3. Change holder

Old jars make for a great place to store spare change. You can take it a step further by creating “Save, Spend, and Give Jars”, which are a great way to teach your little ones about the value of saving, the fulfillment in giving, and the fun in treating ourselves! Here’s an article that covers the very basics.

4. Repurposed Light Fixture

This one is for those that love a little DIY. My heart flutters every time I see an industrial-style mason jar light fixture. They can be as simple as a cord and bulb or as complex as a steel pipe structure. I’d turn to Pinterest for this one, too!

5. Bulk Storage

Flours and grains and beans — oh my! Using repurposed pickle and pasta sauce jars is one of my favorite ways to store bulk dry goods. You can take your jars to the store to fill up as needed, then leave them out on the counter for a creative and useful backsplash of sorts. 

6. Soap Dispenser

Have an old mason jar lying around? Grab a soap pump topper and turn it into a cute and functional soap dispenser. 

7. Family Love Notes

Old jars make a perfect home for love notes ❤️ As a family, write love notes to each other on little pieces of paper — they can be for the whole family or meant for one specific person. Start with a handful and continue to add to the jar as the love and gratitude strike. Every night at dinner, one member of the family can pull a note from the jar and read it aloud to the family.

8. Wipes Holder

A large glass jar is a great way to store Wild & Pure Dry Wipes at home. A 64oz wide-mouth jar will comfortably hold the wipes with a bit of room at the top. Pull the inner-most wipe out and let it peek up over the rim of the jar. When you are ready to use a wipe pull it up until you see the perforation, grab hold right under the perforation, and tear, leaving the next wipe peeking above the rim again. 

9. Fermenting Foods

From homemade pickles to kimchi, the jars you’ve got hanging around home are great for making hearty and nutrient-dense foods. The Nourished Kitchen has a wonderful round-up of fermented veggie recipes that can bring your meals to the next level.

10. Baby Bottles

Let’s take cups one step further — to baby bottles! When I heard about this genuis idea I was so excited! You can purchase a DIY starter kit to use for fitting jars you have at home. Now you can enjoy your jars before, during, and after baby uses a bottle!


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