menstrual disc

Have you heard of a menstrual disc? It’s one of many newer period care products on the market. 

It’s been a loooong time coming, but the world of period care is catching up with the times. It’s been almost 100 years since Tampax was first patented, and we really haven’t seen a ton of innovation until now. (Interested in the history of the tampon? Check out this fascinating article!) Disposable tampons and pads are nothing new; however, 100% organic cotton and ethically-made disposable tampons and pads are new, and you have a lot of options to choose from! Some of our favorites are Eco by Naty, Cora, NatraCare, Rael, Honey Pot and Lola. Why does organic matter? Well, have you ever noticed that menstrual products don’t require a list of ingredients? Companies are not legally required to disclose what goes into tampons (which go into you! ?) so the cleaner, the better, in our opinion! 


If you’re looking to create less waste, reusable options are booming. Reusable pads, period underwear, cups, discs… There are A LOT of options. Where to start?! 


The basics: 


  1. A menstrual cup is inserted like a digital tampon (no applicator) and creates a vacuum seal to collect blood for up to 12 hours. They are generally comfortable, almost infinitely reusable, and come in different sizes to fit all shapes. Some of our faves are Cora, Saalt, Honey Pot, and Lena.


2. A menstrual disc also creates a seal like a cup, but it sits at the base of the cervix making sizing more universal, and it can be worn during sex. They have both disposable and reusable versions of the menstrual disc, but of course reusable has our hearts. Our brand favorites are Luma and Cora


3. Period underwear absorbs blood into a special lining (the amount depends on the brand, usually between 3-4 regular tampons worth). Most brands recommend these for light days and/or backup for heavier flows. While there are lots of brands out there (and more popping up every day!) they aren’t all created equally, and some brands have tested with very high levels of chemicals that you don’t want around your delicates. We love Aisle because they are not only safely made (aka pass the chemical tests!) but are inclusive of all sizes, shapes, and identities.


4. Reusable pads absorb blood externally and attach to your underwear (typically with plastic or metal snaps). The average life expectancy of a reusable pad is five years, and if you’re using an all-cotton product like Hannahpad, they are biodegradable. We already let the cat out of the bag by sharing our fave (Hannahpad) but some others we like are GladRags and Aisle


Each method has its pros and cons. Luckily, there are more safe and clean options than ever before, so you have room to experiment worry-free. 

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