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Runny noses and fevers and coughs, oh my. 

It’s that time of year again, cold season. And, as if a typical cold season wasn’t enough, the pandemic can put parents on extra high alert. 

When my kids were younger I didn’t keep many remedies on hand. It didn’t even occur to me to have certain items until I needed them. Over time we collected things here and there, but it wasn’t until we went out of town and left our kids with my parents that I created an actual kit. I wanted to supply them with what they needed to care for everything from the sniffles to stitches. So, I gathered supplements, balms, medicines and anything else I would use to support their bodies through whatever may come their way. Let me tell you, this might be one of my favorite parenting hacks to date.

I LOVE our natural medicine kit. 

It helps to ease the anxiety that can come along with having a sick little one, and feels like a mini medical support team.

Our kit is growing all of the time, but here’s what we supply it with now, and why…


Our Natural Medicine Kit


Activated Charcoal – My go-to for tummy troubles. Its super-power is being able to soak up and remove toxins from the body. It can help with everything from intestinal gas to food poising. You can get it in pill or powder form and we keep it in our first aid kit for bug bites and bee stings, too. 


Active Skin Repair Spray – this handy little spray is a “medical-grade treatment for everyday wound care and skin repair.” It’s non-toxic, antibiotic-free, and works by amplifying the bodies own healing systems. We use this for cuts, scrapes, and bug bites! I’ve even used it on a blemish or two.


Arnica – Arnica is one of our staples. It helps with muscle pain, bruising, and swelling, and comes in handy for bumps and tumbles, headaches, and (BONUS) healing from labor tearing and post-birth contractions. It comes in pellets, gels, and balms, like this one (which was a game changer post-car-accident).


Aroma Therapy Inhalers – We were late to the game on this one. It’s pretty basic but has helped so much with keeping things clear through cold season, I also love the refillable option, which we’ll be replacing ours with, soon!


Chest Rub – similar to the inhalers, it helps to keep air flowing. I like to rub some on the chest, behind the ears and sometimes under the nose if they are extra stuffy. You can buy from brands like Maty’s or Zarbees, or make your own.


Earache drops – ear aches are pretty common in kiddos, and I find that these drops can help dull or eliminate the pain with a pretty quick turn around time. My daughter, who doesn’t feel comfortable with the drops, prefers the tablets, though I don’t see those on their site anymore!


Elderberry Syrup – we use this in the early/preventative stages of illness more so rather than as treatment. Great for immune system support during the fall and winter seasons!


Eustachi – This might be the single item I am most excited to share on this list!! It is so simple, natural and effective at preventing and easing one of the most torturous ailments in our home – ear pain. Ever since he was little, my son has gotten debilitating ear pain with head colds. Like, up all night writhing in pain. It was so hard to watch and I always felt so helpless. In his case the culprit was always ear pressure. This simple device uses a small motor to pump a bit of air into the nose while the child swallows at the same time, forcing an “ear pop” and reliving the pressure/draining the fluid. I finally feel like I can help ease his pain!!


Essential Oils – This little section could get a bit out of hand, and I’m certainly not an expert in this area, but we like to keep eucalyptus, lavender, and an immunity blend on hand at all times! I like Rocky Mountain Oils and Plant Therapy brands. 


Genexa Clean Meds – I just love what this company is doing. While we love a good natural remedy, there are times when I’m so grateful for modern day medicine and the way it can work with our bodies to help us heal. The problem is that most children’s medicines have artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that, in my opinion, can dampen the body’s natural healing systems. Genexa take the effective active ingredient in most tradition medicines and pairs it with natural supporting ingredients for a cleaner medicine. We keep their Kid’s Allergy, Kid’s Cough and Chest Congestion, and Kids Pain and Fever meds on hand. 


Honey-based cough and immune syrup – While we’ll switch over to “the hard stuff” above if things get really sticky, our first line of defense for mucus is a honey-based syrup like Maty’s, Zarbees, or this Genexa one. 


Medical Grade Manuka Honey – Honey has a whole host of helpful benefits from immune boosting to skin healing, to throat soothing. We like to keep a jar of medical grade honey around for putting on cuts, taking by the spoonful, or making a tea with (i’m actually sipping one right now!).


Melatonin – Using melatonin with kids is a little controversial, but we’ve decided to keep it in our kit for those times when their bodies are craving rest, but having a hard time settling or getting comfortable. It’s been so helpful to give my littles the rest they need when they aren’t feeling well.


Microbiome Guard – This support blend was created to help keeps lungs healthy, and inspired by the extra immune support needs in the world over the past few years. We keep it on hand for healthy breathing during times of congestion, and to be prepared for ultimate lung support should the need arise.


Multivitamin – Our family doesn’t use a daily multivitamin, but we certainly use them as needed. Whenever I feel like my littles can use a bit of extra support, I’ll give them a gummy or two. They think it’s a treat! I like the “with fiber” option to avoid extra sugar in the gummies 🙂


Nasopure Nose Wash – This little kids netipot style saline wash has only been used a handful of times over here, but has come in clutch when head colds are comin’ in hot. 


Quercetin – Quercetin is an antioxidant found in foods like onions and orange peels. It’s been found to be particularly helpful in boosting the effectiveness of zinc in getting into and helping heal the cells. We use it in tandem with our zinc supplements, as needed. 


Trace Minerals – like the multivitamins, we use minerals when resources seem to be running low. If they need a bit of extra support I’ll add some trace minerals to their water for the day. 


Tummy Ache Tablets – While charcoal in my number one for the tummy, I find it doesn’t help with some of the immediate pain. These tummy ache tablets can help ease the ache right away. 


Vitamin C – Everyones favorite vitamin, right?! I like this Vitamin C powder to add to smoothies and drinks, as needed. 


Wild & Pure Wipes – Ok, I know I’m biased, but have you ever used one of our wipes on a runny nose? There really is nothing better!! They are soft, thick, and absorbent. Making it easier on their noses, and cleaner for their fingers!


Xlear Kids – Another tool for head colds and congestion, this nasal spray helps to loosen things us and make breathing a little easier.


Zinc – Zinc is part of our immune boosting party pack. I give it to them for immune support, as needed. 

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