Non toxic home

Did you know that creating a non toxic home starts with some very simple changes? Before you become overwhelmed with ripping out carpets and repainting walls, check out these cheap and easy steps to lower your home’s toxic load.



  • Remove your shoes at the door
    • We drag tons of pesticides, cleaning agents, bacteria, and plain ol’ dirt into the home by way of shoes. Removing them at the front door, and encouraging others to do the same, decreases the level of unwanted visitors in the home, dramatically. Especially if you have carpet!
  • Toss the air freshener
    • Sea breeze and fresh linen aren’t as harmless as they sound. Unless a scent is provided by 100% essential oils, they are made using a cocktail of synthetic chemical fragrances and are considered one of the most toxic substances we introduce in our homes. Steer clear of plugins, scented candles, fragrance sticks, scented trash bags, and scented house cleaning sprays.

alternative option: oil diffuser and (my favorite) rocky mountain oils

  • Distribute activated charcoal bags
    • Activated charcoal absorbs toxins, bacteria, and odors floating around in the air. They do a great job of working behind the scenes to keep things clean. 

my favoriteMoso Natural Air Purifying Bags

  • Open the windows
    • When it comes to purifying your indoor air, opening your windows and letting in the fresh air can be one of the best things you can do. Weather permitting, keep them open as often as you can! 




  • Get a water filter
    • Using filtered water for your drinking and cooking (don’t forget the ice, too!) can majorly cut down on your intake of pollutants. In order to “clean” water supplies for drinking, tons of harsh chemicals (like chlorine) are pumped in, minerals are stripped out, & toxic additives (like chemical fluoride) are introduced. Not to mention that our supplies are contaminated with pollutant run-off including synthetic hormones and prescription drugs. When looking for a filter you want to find one that eliminates the pollutants, endocrine disruptors, and additives–but you don’t want to strip the minerals, or will need to add them back in if you do (like in a reverse osmosis system). If you are interested in doing more research, check out the EWG Water Filter Guide.

my favorite: Berkey Water Filter

  • Place a filter on your shower head
    •  Something that is often forgotten is that water is absorbed through our skin…and so are the chemicals and contaminants in it. 

my favorite: Berkey Shower Filter

  • Move wireless modem away from common lounging areas & keep cell phones far from the body (no pockets!)
    • While under some debate, the electromagnetic radiation given off from wireless devices has been linked to poorer health. We are energetic creatures living on an energy-producing planet. Although it may sound a little strange, it’s greatly rooted in science. Quantum physics to be exact. Anything interfering with the natural energy fields around us has the potential to negatively affect our health.


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