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Our family LOVES podcasts. Tapping into a thrilling story, learning something new, and being encouraged to create stories of your own are just a few side effects of good podcasts for kids. They are a great, screen-free way to amplify creativity and pass the time, at home or on the go! 

One of our favorite times to listen to a podcast is on a road trip. Say goodbye to “are we there yet” and hello to a world full of audible adventures with these top podcasts for kids and families.


Favorite podcasts for kids and families


Story Pirates

One of the top 3 kids and family podcasts in the WORLD, and for good reason! The Story Pirates take stories written by kids and turn them into fun and engaging episodes featuring a celebrity guest. You can submit your kids’ stories for a chance to have it turned into an episode! Join their Creator Camp and get access to lessons and activities to go along with each episode.

Wow in the World

Parents, you might know Guy Raz from How I Built This and TED Radio Hour. He also hosts Wow in the World, a family podcast that explores the who, what, where, when, why, and how of fascinating STEM topics. This podcast is sure to prompt discussion and keep the whole family entertained all while learning something new.

Kids Short Stories

Similar to Story Pirates, Kids Short Stories takes your kid’s stories and turns them into fun audio adventures. These episodes are short and sweet, clocking in around 10-12 minutes. Listen to a lot or one before bedtime.

Story Time

Created by Bedtime FM, Story Time offers 10-20 minute episodes of engaging and soothing stories, perfect for bedtime.

Two Princes

For older kids looking for a thrilling romance and adventure story, enter Two Princes. Princes from warring kingdoms, Rupert and Amir, meet, fall in love, and overcome obstacles together. Told in serial format, this popular podcast is now in its third season and features an all-star voice cast.

Stories Podcast

This podcast provides cute original stories and retellings of classic folktales. Send in your child’s drawing of an episode and they’ll share it on their Instagram feed.

Circle Round

Timeless fables and folktales receive new life in NPR’s Circle Round podcast. Each episode, featuring a special guest, centers around a theme (kindness, friendship, etc.) and ends with an activity for further exploration for kids and parents.

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

This fun show answers questions submitted by kids around the world! Each episode goes on an adventure of discovery interviewing experts to answers to life’s mysteries, big and small. 

Brains On

Like “But Why”, this award-winning science show also focuses on answering kids’ questions. They bring a different kid-co-host onto each episode and use science, history, and fun to explore the world.

Dinosaur George Kids

Calling all future archaeologists!! This show is a dino-lovers dream. Host George Blasing explores creatures and events of the past in a fun, curious, and open-ended way sure to engage kiddos and adults alike. 

Peace Out

Another great podcast is Peace Out whose purpose is to help kids relax and unwind through short stories coupled with breathing exercises. 


Looking for something specific? There’s probably a podcast for that! We use podcasts as a part of our schooling, often. Simply type a word into the search and look under “episodes” to find episodes on anything from kittens to colors and anything in between. 

Happy listening!

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