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It’s easy being green. (Really, it is!) Especially with this list of our favorite reusable products!

There are tons of simple little ways to reduce your waste on a daily basis…and it adds up to make a big difference! Here’s a list of our favorite family-friendly tools for living a more earth-friendly life.

BONUS: most reusable items can be found in completely non-toxic form, making them healthier for the planet and your family!


Reusable Products for OUT AND ABOUT:


Stainless Steel or Glass Water Bottles

I generally prefer glass bottles since stainless steel can be tainted with other metals if it’s not properly monitored. That being said, I’ve broken multiple of my glass bottles (because…clumsy + kids) so I’m using more stainless steel these days. It took me a while to remember to travel with it at all times, but now it comes along with me from the beach to a birthday party!

Reusable Straws

I usually just #refusethestraw at restaurants, but my little guy loves them–and they are often a staple for kids cups or juice shops. I just might need to add a refillable juice cup to my arsenal (and this list!)!

Travel Utensils

When we first switched over to reusable utensils I was shocked by how many plastic utensils I would have used otherwise. I pull these puppies out at least once a week. Food trucks, birthday parties, picnics or food-to-go–they have really come in handy.

Collapsable to-go Box

Our family’s dynamic changed a lot a few years back. Not only did we bring in another human, but I started a company, and my husband started a new career–-both involving quite a bit of travel. We ate out more than we ever had before (pre-pandemic), and that means lots of to-go containers (and a lot of letting go of the guilt!). Whether it’s back home or to a hotel, I cringe every time I take a to-go container (especially if it’s plastic or styrofoam, although none are all that great!).

Refillable Tumbler

I just found this as a follow up to my note about straws. I’m not a coffee drinker but we do frequent the juice shop and this is a great alternative to their plastic cups, lids, and straws. I have noticed a few spots that don’t allow “outside drinkware” to be used with their products but it’s always worth a shot!


Reusable Products for SHOPPING:


Reusable Produce Bags

These are great for farmers’ markets or cruising the produce aisle.

Reusable Cooler Bags

Reusable bags are great…but reusable cooler bags just might be better! They keep your food fresh on long trips and you can take more up in one trip with these large, zip-closed bags. Becuase, who wants to take multiple trips to bring in the groceries?!


Reusable Products AT HOME:


Cloth Napkins

After having kids we started buying and sparingly using paper towels for certain messes, but all of our eating and daily-use for napkins is provided by cotton cloths. May I suggest not buying white… 😉

Stainless Steel Kids Cups

Reducing waste is as much about the origin as it is the end. In the case of plastic cups, they use up petroleum resources to be made, aren’t as healthy to drink from, and eventually become plastic waste. We originally used glass cups for our little guy, but once we replace the carpet with tile (YAY!) we decided stainless steel was a safer idea.

Erasable Notebook

I love, love, LOVE my Rocketbook Everlast notebook. I am a list-maker, and I like doing it by hand. That can be a super wasteful habit to have, but thanks to my Rocketbook I can still participate in one of my favorite rituals without the waste!

Glasslock Containers

Thanks to Glasslock containers, we don’t use any plastic storage containers or ziplock type plastic bags. I don’t even notice that those little conveniences are missing and everything stays nice and fresh!

Silicone Sandwich Bags

We mostly use Glasslocks as a replacement for bags, but sometimes we need something lighter and safer to travel with. That’s where silicone bags come to save the day <3

Beeswax Wrap

I have some of this in my home but have never actually used it! We didn’t use plastic wrap for so many years before this purchase that we just learned to live without it. However, it’s a great little switch for families that are more used to using plastic wrap.


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