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If there’s one thing Wild & Pure Dry Wipes were born to do, it was to support women! These wipes were made to be your sidekick, your ride-or-die, and your everyday lifesaver. Here are four ways that Wild & Pure Dry Wipes can support you through the seasons of womanhood.


How W&P Dry Wipes Support Women


1. Period Care

Are you always prepared for your period, or often taken by surprise by Aunt Flo? 😳 Our Wild & Pure Dry Wipes make a great panty liner in a pinch. Plus, the super absorbent and soft cotton makes an emergency clean-up easy and comfortable. 

Do you deal with pesky cramps? Wet one of your wipes under very warm water and hold it to your abdomen for instant relief. 


2. All The Beauty Things

Wild & Pure Dry Wipes are a must in your beauty routine.

Use your dry wipes for blending and smudges when applying makeup, add a bit of our Wipe + Wash Concentrate for the perfect makeup removing wipe, or use them to clean your brushes!

The best part? Your wipe can be used, rinsed, and hung to use again a few times before tossing!


3. During Postpartum

Milk leaks, itchy stitches, and post-baby bleeding…we’ve got you covered!

While these things are definitely some of the wildest and purest parts of being a woman, they are not always convenient. Here are some ways that our wipes can help with postpartum healing:

• Use them as breast pads

• Make ice-wipes or add witch hazel for a cooling panty pad

• Use them as panty liners for lingering bleeding

• Clean spit-up, baby bottoms, and blowouts


4. Post-Sex Hygiene 

Having a post-sex hygiene plan helps to keep everything healthy and infection-free.

Use Wild & Pure Dry Wipes when things get messy, or with a bit of Wipe + Wash Concentrate or coconut oil to clean up after being intimate!

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